The Most Greatful Moment in My Life

This is my 3rd story, i'd love to tell you about my experience about "The Most Greatful Moment in My Life". Everyone must be have "The Most Greatful Moment in Their Life", like i have or maybe better than mine. Do you have "The Most Greatful Moment in Your Life"? if you have comment in the section bellow!
I hope you love it :D

        At 12 January 2017, my teacher send me to english festival and send me to follow a speech competition. The competition started at 15 January 2017. I only have 3 days to practice. It was sudden.. I know! You know how my face look like at that time?

  Yea... It was pretty right?

And the worst is i'm going to National Examination on May. Some part of me wanted to follow that competition, but i also need to focus on the Exam. I don't know why i …

My First Conversation in Senior High School

Annisa is back.
 New school, new friend. That's what i felt when i first time i saw the letter of acceptance. I felt happy also worry. Happy because i'm a senior High Student now, and worry about my social life. I'm worry that nobody want to be my friend. 
My first day at school is coming. I felt worry, happy, scared, all mixed. then i met my first acquaintance. And this is our first conversation.

Me : Can i seat next to you? there is no more chair available.
Geva : Of course
Me : My name is Annisa, and you?
Geva : It's Geva, where do you from? your accent is wierd.
Me : I'm from Lombok. Yea.. I agree with you. You're not the first person who said that. :)               where do you from?
Geva : I'm from Bandung, which part of lombok?
Me : Central Lombok.
Geva : ouh.. my aunt live in East Lombok .
Me : oh ya? is it kupang city?
Geva : ya... waitt.. the teacher is coming...

Then the teacher is coming, our conversation is to be continud




My name is Annisa Ramadina Sholihah. People use to call me Annisa. I was born and grew up in small village, in small city, in small island in indonesia. People called my island paredise. I called it "home". My island name is Lombok. My city name is Praya. And my village name is Tengari. 

It's happy to lived in "Paredise". I mean.. who doesn't?. There's a lot of beaches in my island. So green, so cleen, so peaceful. I live peacefuly with nature. Far from civilization. 
No trafic jam, no polution, no pressure. 

I have beaufiful childhood. No gadget, no tv to bother me. My childhood spended by playing with nature. I remember when i spend my sunday at the beach. I have so many animal friends. My cowcool, my chickenpall, my rabbitcute. I have beautiful chilhood. 

I have tavelling all around Lombok island. I have been to sumbawa island, to dragons island, to NTT, and a lot more. I have lived in so many culture in indonesia. I have live in man…